Our Style: Private & Tailor-made Tour

Since the establishment, tailor-made private tours have always been our feature service. We carefully listen to our travelers and design itineraries entirely based on their time scale, interests, aspirations and budgets. Being creative, responsive and client-oriented has been our principle.

Quality Management

Quality service is our most valuable property. We apply elaborate and efficient quality management process to every single tour of ours, in order to guarantee consistently good service and customer satisfaction.
    • Before tour
    • Well-trained travel consultants with rich travel experience.
      Strictly recruited and evaluated handpicked hotels, restaurants, vehicles and field staffs.

    • During tour
    • Professional backup 24/7 from travel consultant and customer service manager.
      Rapid and efficient response to any extra issue from customer.
      Regular tracing and inspection of the tour quality by customer service manager.

  • After tour
  • Comment collection from every customer.
    Continuous improvement on service in line with customer feedback.


Service Details

We focus more on detail because it's believed as something that distinguishes an outstanding holiday from a good one. From tour guide, vehicle, hotel to restaurant¡-every single part of our service chain has gone through careful even strict assessment and selection. At regular interval, we inspect their performance based on customer feedback and adjustment will be made accordingly. To some extent, we are pickier than our customers, simply because we look to avoid any possible inconvenience and problem for our travelers and bring each of them a memorable journey.

Travel consultant

We believe that good travel consultant service is a prerequisite for wonderful travel experience. Each travel consultant in our team has a wealth of travel experiences under their belt, they are a group of experts who love travel and revisit their own particular areas of expertise frequently to refresh their minds and discover new highlights. They possess caring mind, exceptional empathy and patience that can fully understand customers' needs and realize them; and highly accountable and responsive to any problem and emergency from travelers before/during/after the tour.

Tour Guide

Excellent service attitude and ethic, rich knowledge pertaining to destination (and outdoor knowledge for adventurous tours), outstanding language competence, positive and friendly disposition are our criteria for tour guides, because we view travel guide as one of the most critical factors for tourists' exceptional travel experience and satisfaction. We are proud of our team of tour guides; some of them have been with us for more than 10 years, thanks to their diligent and creative work, we have more and more returned customers.

Transfer & Vehicle

During a tour, a certain amount of time will be spent on transportation. We provide local transportation services in all our major destinations via contracted tourist vehicle companies. We totally understand that a save and comfortable vehicle is of extreme importance to travelers. Hence the cars we use are all well-maintained equipped with licensed and experienced drivers; sense of comfort are also taken into account when we selecting cars, all of them are air-conditioned, clean and spacious for passengers to stretch arms and legs.


To us, accommodation is much more than just a place to sleep. Our specialist have searched through China and Indochina area for a variety of boutique hotels, star hotels, and exotic lodges with welcoming beds and breakfasts. From secluded beachfront resorts, luxury villas to historic merchants' houses, all of them share the same qualities-character, comfort and cleanliness. We regularly monitor the accommodation we use and adjust quickly based on travelers' feedback and keep detecting new ones to offer more choices to our customers.


A good meal is definitely a pleasant thing to everyone, especially during a holiday. Our tours have some meals included (both set meal and la carte are feasible); by giving comprehensive consideration and evaluation on travelers' eating habit, food quality, restaurant location, dining environment, service level and hygiene condition, we have thoughtfully picked out a list of restaurants and always keep a close eye on their performance.
Of course we never deprive customers of the freedom and flexibility on food, at other times they are free to choose when, where and with whom they would like to eat. Travelers can take suggestion from our tour guides for more choices or simply jump into a culinary adventure on their own with our basic and necessary tips.


Being an important section of our one-stop travel service, we always strive to free customers from the trouble on flight tickets. As a certificated member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), we are proficient in GDS system and already accumulated rich practical experience in reservation & ticketing of both domestic and international flights.
Apart from ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of tickets issuance, our expertise in fare computation provides the most competitive fares, even on the most complicated itineraries, with the most logical routes to maximize vacation entitlements.