The history of Guilin Local Service Department can be traced as early as 1999 and is the oldest part in the entire company. Focused on tourist reception business in Guilin, GLSD has been dedicated to English-speaking market, while French-speaking market is an emerging and fast-growing market to GLSD. With a professional team of 33 English-speaking guides, 3 French-speaking guides, 1 Spanish-speaking guide, 3 operation groups and 1 group on customer service, GLSD is accommodating over 10,000 tourists per year.

Over the past 13 years, GLSD has established a long-lasting, stable and friendly relationship with partners including hotels, sightseeing spots, airlines and so on. Meanwhile, GLSD designed a creative set of system managing tour guide and service quality, and now it’s seeing more stable service performance and higher customer satisfaction.


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